"Online" means the distance contract for the purchase of goods and / or services between Arredo Design sas, headquartered in Grisignano di Zocco (Vi) 36040 Via Mazzini, 24, hereinafter referred to as " Vendor ", VAT ID 02173180247 and a customer customer or a professional customer, within a distance selling system organized by the Supplier that for this contract uses exclusively Internet technology. All contracts will therefore be concluded directly through the customer's access to the website www.arredodalpozzo.it

For a consumer customer, hereinafter referred to as "Consumer", shall mean only the natural person who concludes the contract for purposes other than those relating to the business or professional activity that may be carried out.

For a professional client, hereinafter referred to as "Professional", means a natural person, a public or private legal entity, an unrecognized collective entity with a self-contained legal entity that, when concluding a contract, acts in the course of its professional or business activity .

For "Customer", it simply refers to the generally understood buyer, whether it is a Consumer or a Professional.


2.1. The contract between the Supplier and the Customer must be concluded with the acceptance, even partial, of the order by the Supplier. Such acceptance is deemed silent, unless otherwise communicated to the Customer. The latter, by placing an order in the various ways provided, declares that he has read all of the information provided to him during the purchase procedure and, therefore, accepts the general conditions and payment terms as outlined below.

2.2. It is strictly forbidden to insert false and / or invented personal data into the data collection modules required to complete the order. It is also forbidden to enter third-party data or to make multiple registrations for a single Customer. The Supplier reserves the right to legally pursue any violation and abuse, in the interest and protection of all Customers.

2.3. After the online shopping procedure is completed, Customer and Consumer will print or save electronic copy and, in any case, retain these general sales conditions in accordance with Art. 3 and 4 of Dlgs 185/1999 on distance sales. Forwarding the order confirmation therefore implies full knowledge of the same and their full acceptance.

2.4. Any Customer's right to claim damages or compensation from the Supplier and to attribute to him any contractual or non-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and / or things caused by the failure to accept, even partial, of an order is excluded.


3.1. All sales prices of the products present and indicated within the website www.arredodalpozzo.it, which constitute public offer in accordance with art. 1336 cc, are inclusive of VAT to which shipping costs are added. These prices may vary at any time without the Provider being required to give any notice; in any case once the order has been made, this will not change in price. The cost of transport, both nationally and internationally, duly highlighted on the relevant page within the site that the Customer is required to view before confirming the purchase, is entirely borne by the same. In case of delivery abroad, the Customer will also be charged with any additional costs due to the taxes or fees provided for by the legislation in force in the State of destination.

3.2. The customer can only purchase the products in the catalog at the time of order delivery and can be viewed online at www.arredodalpozzo.it, as described in the relevant information sheets. It is understood that the image accompanying the descriptive tab of a product may not be perfectly representative of its features.


4.1. Credit Card: Through this form of payment, at the same time as the on-line transaction is concluded, all financial information (paper number, expiration date, etc.) will automatically be forwarded via the encrypted protocol to the Reference Bank will charge the amount of the purchase made on the customer's current account. Arredo Design sas uses the credit card payment system in the Visa and Mastercard circuits.

4.2. In the event of cancellation of the order, both by the Customer, as described in the following Article 8, and in the case of the Supplier failing to accept the Order, cancellation of the transaction will be required. Once the transaction is canceled, in no case shall the Supplier be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the delay of the transaction.

4.3. The Supplier reserves the right to request the Customer to send a copy of identity documents proving the ownership of the Credit Card used for payment. In the absence of the required documentation, the Supplier may not accept the order and, therefore, not conclude the contract.

4.4. At no time during the purchase procedure, the Supplier is able to know the buyer's credit card information, transmitted through a secure connection directly to the Bank's website managing the transaction. No Vendor Information Store will keep this data. Under no circumstances may the Supplier be liable for any fraudulent and unlawful use of credit cards by third parties upon payment of purchased products.

4.5. Early Bank Transfer: In case of payment by Earlier Bank Transfer, the Customer will be kept committed until the receipt of the proof of receipt, to be sent to the Supplier on the fax number +39 0444.614058 and / or to the e-mail info @ arredodalpozzo . within no more than 3 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. The dispatch of the order will only be made upon the actual crediting of the sum due on the c / c of the Supplier, which must take place within 7 working days from the date of acceptance of the order.

Bank account details:

Bank: Popular of Vicenza agency of Grisignano of Zocco Iban: IT98B0572860410051570003326 Headquartered in: Arredo Design s.a.s.

For foreign transfers (outside Italy):


Exceeding these deadlines, the order will automatically be canceled.

The reason for the bank transfer is to return the order reference number, the name and surname of the consumer or the name of the company or the natural person if it is a professional.


5.1. Delivery and Delivery: Supplier will deliver to Customers, at the specified address at the time of order, the products selected and ordered, in accordance with the terms of this article, by courier and / or freight forwarder (TnT, Dhl, Ups, Bartolini, Tram). The contract is finalized with delivery of the goods by the Supplier to the courier. For this reason, Supplier will not be liable in the event of failure or delayed delivery of any or all of the damage to the goods. Only the courier who carried out the shipment will be responsible.

5.2. At the time of delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is obliged to check: that the quantity of the ordered goods corresponds to what is stated in the order; that the packaging is intact, not damaged, wet or altered even in the closing materials. Any damages must be immediately disputed by the courier who carries out the delivery. Once the courier's document is signed, the Customer will not be able to challenge any of the external features of the delivery.

5.3. Delivery times: the freight forwarder undertakes to deliver the goods within ten (10) days after the shipment in the Italian territory; while, for shipments abroad, times are differentiated in relation to distance. Delivery times will never exceed those provided by art. 6 of Legislative Decree 185/99 (30 days from date of order and / or receipt of payment if available in warehouse). These delivery terms refer to products in the warehouse at the time of order.

5.4. Delays in delivery: Delays in delivering the goods can not be charged to the Supplier. In no way, the Supplier may be liable for damages caused by the courier, in connection with the delayed delivery of the goods, the customer or third parties, meaning the contract concluded with the delivery of the goods to the courier.

5.5. Failure to deliver: If the courier handing over the goods will not find any at the specified address, they will deposit the goods in the warehouse indicated in the card that will be left in place. After thirty days of storage, the goods will be returned to the Supplier and the Customer can not claim any right. All expenses, direct and indirect, will be entirely borne by the Customer. The Supplier will keep the payment of the goods as a penalty, plus any damages suffered. If the Customer requests the Supplier to return ordered and paid products that are not delivered, they must promptly request it to the Supplying Company by fax or email. They will be responsible for all expenses, in addition to the greater damage suffered by the Supplier.

5.6. Delivery and packaging costs: are borne by the Customer and are clearly and separately explained by the price of the goods or services, as provided for in the abovementioned art. 3.

5.7. Taxes: For each order made on www.arredodalpozzo.it, the Supplier will issue a tax receipt and / or bill showing the price of all items that will be included in the package. For the issue of the invoice, they acknowledge any requests and information provided by the Customer on order.

5.8. Failure to match the ordered item with the delivered item must be promptly communicated to the Supplier.


6.1. The Supplier assumes no liability for any disavowal due to force majeure and / or casualty such as accidents, thefts and / or robberies in charge of delivery, fires, explosions, strikes and / or locks, earthquakes, floods and others similar events that prevented, in whole or in part, from executing in the times and in the ways agreed upon by the contract.

6.2. You will also not be liable to anyone for damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of failure to perform the contract for the aforementioned causes, as the Customer is entitled only to the refund of the price paid by the Shipper, sole responsible.


7.1. According to art. 5 DL 185/1999, if the customer is a Consumer, he has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without the need to provide explanations and without any penalty, except as indicated in this article. It should be noted that this right is reserved exclusively to natural persons, to those consumers who, as defined in Article 1, purchase the goods for non-referencing and non-professional purposes. There is no waiver right to professional, natural or legal customers, who act in reference to a professional contract. In order to exercise this right, the Consumer shall disclose to the Supplier the intention to withdraw within 10 business days of receipt of the goods in the case of goods or the day of conclusion of the online service contract. This notice must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to Arredo Design sas - Via Mazzini, 24 (Vi) - 36040 - or by telegram or fax to the number 0444614058 always sent within the said 10 day deadline and followed by a confirms by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, sent within 48 hours. Upon receipt of this notice of withdrawal, the Supplier will promptly inform the Customer of the instructions on how to return the goods, integrates them and in the original packaging, which shall take place within the next 48 hours.

7.2. In any case, the right of withdrawal is, however, subject to the following conditions: - this right applies to the product purchased in its entirety; it is not possible to pursue only part of the purchased product; - the purchased item must be intact and returned in its original packaging, complete with all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory) without any shortage. - that right does not apply to custom-made or clearly customized and put into production.

7.3. The shipping costs relating to the return of the goods are entirely borne by the Consumers. The goods, until they have been received in the warehouse of the Supplier, are under the full responsibility of the Consumer. In any case, Supplier shall not be liable for damages or theft / loss of goods returned with unsolicited shipments.

7.4. In case of withdrawal, the Supplier will refund the entire amount already paid to the Consignee within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods and, in any case, no later than 30 days after the Consumer's communication. Customer care will promptly provide the bank coordinates on which to obtain the refund (IBAN code of the invoice manager).

7.5. The right of withdrawal shall cease wholly, in the absence of the essential condition of integrity of the good (packaging and / or its content), in cases where the Supplier establishes: - the lack of external packaging and / or original packaging; - absence of integral elements of the product; - damage to the product for reasons other than its transport. In the event of a cancellation of the right of withdrawal, the Supplier will return to the Consignee the goods purchased, charging the shipping costs.


8.1. The Supplier also supplies the catalog products to "professional customers", resellers, natural persons, public or private legal entities, unrecognized collective entities with autonomous legal entities that, when concluding the contract, act as part of their professional or business activities.

8.2. In the case of special orders the Professional can contact the supplier company directly by email info@arredodalpozzo.it or by telephone at +39 0444.614521


9.1. The Supplier is entitled to terminate the contract by providing the Customer with simple and justified reasons; in such case the Customer will only be entitled to the refund of the sum already paid. The Customer has the right to cancel the contract within 12 hours of the order, giving timely communication to the customer service by e-mail info@arredodalpozzo.it

9.2 The obligations assumed by the Customer with this contract are essential so that, by express agreement, the non-performance by the same of only one of those obligations will result in the automatic termination of the contract under art.1456 CC, subject to the right to the Supplier to take legal action to compensate for further damage suffered.


10.1. The sales contract between the Customer and the Supplier is understood to be concluded in Italy and governed by the Italian Law.

10.2. For the settlement of civil and criminal litigation resulting from the conclusion of this distance selling contract, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively that of the Forum of Vicenza.